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What are the competencies that a coach must demonstrate?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Focus on N°1 of the International Coaching Federation's Core competencies: "Demonstrate ethical practice"

In a world where the diffusion of professional coaching continues to grow, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has been defining the core competencies used by professional coaches for more than 25 years. Those core skills include 8 distinct competencies, the first of which consists of "demonstrating an ethical practice, i.e., understanding and consistently applying coaching ethics and standards of coaching."

In practical terms, this means that the coach:

- Demonstrates personal integrity and honesty in dealing with the client.

- Considers the client's identity, environment, experiences, values and beliefs.

- Uses appropriate and respectful language.

- Adheres to the ICF Code of Ethics.

- Presents the importance of confidentiality of information shared in session.

- Clearly states and maintains the distinction between coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and other support professions.

- Refers clients to other professionals as needed.

In our coaching practice, we deploy this competency by ensuring confidentiality of exchanges with our clients, by establishing the framework of the coaching service, in particular by differentiating it from counselling, training or therapy, by being able to give feedback, even if it does not please our clients, by referring our clients to other types of support services if they are more appropriate.

To learn more about our competencies as an international professional coach, check the ICF Core Competencies:

ICF - 8 CoreCompetencies
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