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🌎 Intercultural intelligence : how can we leverage cultural differences to expand our potential?

Updated: May 31, 2022

The environment in which people and organizations operate today is tremendously complex and global. Cultural differences are often a source of friction, misunderstanding and even real conflict. There is, however, another world where organizations and people know how to take advantage of the cultural diversity they are composed of or in contact with. In this world, cultural diversity becomes a source of new opportunities and unprecedented performance.

I have been honoured to facilitate the MEF International School’s Zoom Talk (that occurred yesterday, March, 23rd 2022) engaging with our parents and teachers’ community on how to leverage cultural differences to expand our potential.

❇️ A new awareness emerged around cultural preferences and traits through a well-rounded onion metaphor.

❇️ Cultural preferences on time management were shared, talking about scarce/plentiful, polychronic/monochronic, past/present/future intercultural dimensions.

❇️ Intercultural agility was touched upon when our community realized how the different approaches to time are complementary, in various life situations.

Thank you to all participants!

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