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Intercultural intelligence, an essential leverage for more inclusion and diversity in organizations

How often have you felt very different from a fellow from your own country, but from a completely different region? How often have you not understood a colleague who works in the same own company, but holds a completely different position? How many times in your organization, where people of different nationalities work together, have you experienced situations of tension or even deadlock?

If these examples speak to you, you have undoubtedly experienced the biases and pitfalls induced by your own culture. Because all "attitudes, behaviours, beliefs and values acquired within a group of individuals interacting with each other, and shared by its members" (Milton Bennett) are based on a layer composed of different strata that are our education, our history, our spirituality, our profession, etc.

Overcoming one's own cultural biases and pitfalls is about developing intercultural intelligence, ie the ability to adapt and act effectively in the face of different cultural challenges or contexts. It is in fact knowing that "the way we do things here" (Edgar Schein) is simply different from the way we do things there.

What if the intercultural challenge was present in each of our interactions, communications, decision making? What if intercultural intelligence was a leverage that could be used everywhere, even in one's own country? G&L Shift's intercultural coaching services are designed to help you use this leverage.

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