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Coaching 3.0: an interactive digital platform for our international coaching

Updated: Jan 6

Coaching sessions by phone or via a virtual meeting solution, Coaching 2.0 has already made its way into the coaching world, particularly in the United States and in geographically vast countries straddling several time zones, where geographical proximity is not necessarily a prerequisite for deploying a coaching service. The various technological advances resulting from the development of e-learning over the last 20 years have made it possible to go even further, by proposing an approach that is both more flexible and richer, Coaching 3.0.

Coaching 3.0 consists of providing coachees with a customized interactive platform designed according to their profile, their objectives, and their project. They have access to numerous tools related to their coaching objective: videoconference room of course, but also tests, articles, quizzes, links necessary for their progress, e-learning modules...

The advantages of coaching 3.0 for companies and their employees are many:

  1. This modality allows to be a supported in a more efficient and faster way, by making available a set of online resources, which can be consulted and used by the coachee.

  2. It is an innovative solution for employee's professional agility and geographical mobility

  3. It democratizes individualized and complete coaching for all employees, without time or space constraints.

  4. It echoes and participates in the development of employees' technological and collaborative skills

  5. It contributes to the retention of company's talents, who are more efficient and more committed.

In our international coaching practice, we offer coaching 3.0 through the E-coaching Associates platform, developed by Stéphanie Dillière-Brooks, ICF MCC Coach. Whether our coaching is face-to-face or remote, the platform completes the coaching process, whether it is for managerial support, for taking up a position or for career development.

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