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Career coaching  with G&L SHIFT

  • Career coaching supports your professional transitions, whether they take place inside or outside organizations.

  • It offers you a space to help you think , orient yourself in your professional life, know what you want to do, beyond what you can do.

  • It helps you create an exciting vision for your future and define the projects that lead to it. It allows you to capitalize on your true potential : your talents, your values, your strengths, your skills.

Coaching de carrière avec G&L SHIFT

To support you in your professional repositioning process, we first understand your request:

  • Are you in a phase of voluntary or involuntary change? Resignation, dismissal, transition with or without support, etc.

  • Does your situation require a quick response or do you have time to move forward?

  • Are you in a context of decision-making, of choice? Accept or refuse a position, keep or leave your position, etc.

Based on these elements, we choose the appropriate approach and tools:

  • In-depth answer: Coaching of the 5 discoveries

  • Quick response: Clarification or personal marketing coaching

Your "5 Discoveries Coaching" to build and deploy your project for the future


A holistic tool:
the life flow map

We use the life flow map so that you can chronologically record the main events in your life : major events that have happened in your life and the path you have taken to get to where you are today.


Creating your map provides you with a visual representation of changes that have occurred over time , as well as important events in your life. Graphing these key moments allows you to see life patterns and times of change, identify the influences that have shaped who you are and the decisions you have made in your life, discuss coping strategies and to record progress .

Other elements can be added to it, such as skills, emotions, associated words or works. The integration of these elements illustrates the social, professional and emotional influence that shapes you.

Smart Talent Profiling - ADVanced Insight®

The ADVanced Insight® Profile brings together in a single questionnaire the analysis of your Talent through 3 dimensions resulting from the research of 3 world-class schools of psychology:

  • Individual mental skills

  • behavioral preferences

  • motivational values

A + D + V

  • Attribute Index® : What do you prioritize when making your decisions? What is your thought pattern?

School of Axiology: Thinking Scheme (Hartman)

  • DISC index®: How do you act? - what are your natural and adapted behavioral preferences?

DISC behavioral model (Marston)

  • Values ​​Index® : Why are you taking action? - what are your motivational values?

Attitude models (Spranger)

Capture 12.PNG
Coaching de carrière avec G&L Shift

Career coaching is available in 100% face-to-face or online .

Choose the coaching path that suits you best!

Discover our Career Coaching packs

Career Coaching Pack


Chart your course

10 hours - 5 sessions over 3 months

Career Coaching Pack


Walk your trail

20 hours - 10 sessions over 6 months

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